Dr. Robert Zaleśny
Faculty of Chemistry
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Wyb. Wyspiańskiego 27, PL-50370 Wrocław, Poland
E-mail: robert.zalesny _at_ pwr.edu.pl

List of publications:

[123] E. F. Petrusevich, H. Reis, B. Ośmialowski, D. Jacquemin, J. M. Luis, and R. Zaleśny. One- and two-photon absorption spectra of organoboron complexes: Vibronic and environmental effects. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 00:00--00, 2024. [submitted].
[122] S. P. Sitkiewicz, R. R. Ferradas, E. Ramos-Cordoba, R. Zaleśny, E. Matito, and J. M. Luis. Spurious oscillations caused by density functional approximations: Who is to blame, exchange or correlation? Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 00:00--00, 2024. [accepted].
[121] K. Ahmadzadeh, X. Li, Z. Rinkevicius, P. Norman, and R. Zaleśny. Toward accurate two-photon absorption spectrum simulations: Exploring the landscape beyond the generalized gradient approximation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 15:969--974, 2024. IF2022: 5.7 (Q1). [ DOI ]
[120] M. Ślemp, A. Miniewicz, A. Sobolewska, R. Zaleśny, A. L. Sobolewski, and P.-F. Brevet. A tale of a growth: Marangoni bursting phenomenon as viable route for obtaining fibers of organic chromophores. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 128:3307--3317, 2024. IF2022: 3.7 (Q2). [ DOI ]
[119] A. Hajda, A. Grelich-Mucha, P. Rybczyński, B. Ośmialowski, R. Zaleśny, and J. Olesiak-Bańska. Bf2-functionalized benzothiazole amyloid markers: Effect of donor substituents on one- and two-photon properties. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 6:5676--5684, 2023. IF2022: 4.7 (Q2). [ DOI ]
[118] S. P. Sitkiewicz, E. Matito, J. M. Luis, and R. Zaleśny. Pitfall in simulations of vibronic td-dft spectra: Diagnosis and assessment. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 25:30193--30197, 2023. IF2022: 3.3 (Q1). [ DOI ]
[117] S. S. Rajput, R. Zaleśny, and M. Md. Alam. Chromophore planarity, -bh bridge effect, and two-photon activity: bi- and ter-phenyl derivatives as a case study. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 127:7928--7936, 2023. IF2022: 2.9 (Q2). [ DOI ]
[116] A. Avramopoulos, H. Reis, D. Tzeli, R. Zaleśny, and M. Papadopoulos. Photoswitchable molecular units with tunable non-linear optical activity: A theoretical investigation. Molecules, 28:5646, 2023. IF2022: 4.6 (Q2). [ DOI ]
[115] A. Iglesias-Reguant, H. Reis, M. Medved, B. Ośmialowski, R. Zaleśny, and J. M. Luis. Decoding the infrared spectra changes upon formation of molecular complexes: The case of halogen bonding in pyridine...perfluorohaloarene complexes. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 25:20173--20177, 2023. IF2022: 3.3 (Q1). [ DOI ]
[114] E. F. Petrusevich, M. H. E. Bousquet, B. Ośmialowski, D. Jacquemin, J. M. Luis, and R. Zaleśny. Cost-effective simulations of vibrationally-resolved absorption spectra of fluorophores with machine-learning-based inhomogeneous broadening. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 19:2304--2315, 2023. IF2022: 5.5 (Q1). [ DOI ]
[113] N. A. Murugan and R. Zaleśny. Computational investigations into two-photon fibril imaging using the danir-2c probe. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 127:3119--3125, 2023. IF2022: 3.3 (Q3). [ DOI ]
[112] A. Iglesias-Reguant, H. Reis, M. Medved, J. M. Luis, and R. Zaleśny. A new computational tool for interpreting infrared spectra of molecular complexes. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 25:11658--11664, 2023. IF2022: 3.3 (Q1). [ DOI ]
[111] Elizaveta F. Petrusevich, Marta Glodek, Magda A. Antoniak, Tadeusz Muziol, Damian Plażuk, Agnieszka Siomra, Marcin Nyk, Borys Ośmialowski, and Robert Zaleśny. Difluoroborate-based bichromophores: Symmetry relaxation and two-photon absorption. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 295:122600, 2023. IF2022: 4.4 (Q1). [ DOI ]
[110] Carmelo Naim, Pau Besalu-Sala, Robert Zaleśny, Josep Maria Luis, Frederic Castet, and Eduard Matito. Are accelerated and enhanced wave function methods accurate to compute static linear and nonlinear optical properties? Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 19:1474--1485, 2023. IF2022: 5.5 (Q1). [ DOI ]
[109] Tomáš Hrivnák, Miroslav Medveď, Wojciech Bartkowiak, and Robert Zaleśny. Hyperpolarizabilities of push--pull chromophores in solution: Interplay between electronic and vibrational contributions. Molecules, 27:8738, 2022. IF2022: 4.6 (Q2). [ DOI ]
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[105] R. Sitkiewicz, S. P. Zaleśny, E. Ramos-Cordoba, J. M. Luis, and E. Matito. How reliable are modern density functional approximations to simulate vibrational spectroscopies? The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 13:5963--5968, 2022. IF2022: 5.7 (Q1). [ DOI ]
[104] Bartosz Krajewski, Swati Singh Rajput, Marta Choluj, Elżbieta Wojaczyńska, Andrzej Miniewicz, Md. Mehboob Alam, and Robert Zaleśny. First-order hyperpolarizabilities of propellanes: Elucidating structure-property relationships. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 24:13534--13541, 2022. IF2022: 3.3 (Q2) [2022 PCCP HOT Articles]. [ DOI ]
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