Elearning Faculty Team.

The informal elearning team was formed at the initiative of the Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry prof. dr. Ludwik Komorowski in June 2006. The objective was to develop proposals of teaching aids in the form of a system of electronic lessons and tests for subjects in which problem solving techniques are taught, i.e. general and analytical chemistry, physics and physical chemistry tutorials. Later, the electronic tests and exams have been implemented also for the biochemistry and biotechnology courses.

From the wide range of available technologies that could be used to create such a system, we selected the Moodle course management system. This was, and still is, an excellent alternative to commercial solutions in the field of e-learning distributed under Open Source license. The tangible result of the work of the team was development  and implementation of more than 2,400 interactive calculus problems and test (about 600 Physical Chemistry problems, 400 Physics problems, 500 General Chemistry problems and 900 test questions from Biochemistry). Currently, electronic tests are organized routinely as part of courses in general chemistry (each year about 800 students take such electronic tests), physical chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology. The database of electronic calculus problems in physics is used for electronic tutoring for the 1st year students.

Our achievements were presented at the national conferences and in the form of articles in professional journals. As of 2015 the elearning resources are available at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology elearning portal.