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Theoretical Chemistry Group (2011)

Department of Physical and Quantum Chemistry

Professor Bartkowiak’s Theoretical Chemistry Group was formed in 2008 under the auspices of Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry. The institute was then part of the Faculty of Chemistry at the Wrocław University of Technology. The Institute was dissolved as of the 1st of January, 2015. In its place two smaller units were formed: the Advanced Materials Engineering and Modelling Group and the Department of Physical and Quantum Chemistry.

Our department currently consists of 21 faculty members covering a wide spectrum of scientific interests, including theoretical, physical and organic chemistry, linear and nonlinear spectroscopy, colloid and interface sciences and material science.

Wojciech Bartkowiak is chair of the department and head of a group focusing on theoretical studies of linear and nonlinear optical properties of confined molecular systems. Urszula Bazylińska’s interests lie primarily in the area of dispersed systems and are focused on surfactants, colloidal dispersions and nanostructured formulations intended for anticancer treatment and diagnostics. Robert Góra‘s computational photochemistry group is focusing on theoretical studies of photochemistry and photophysics of organic molecules, with particular interest in those relevant for the chemical origins of life. Adam Kiersnowski’s group is specializing in synthesis and analysis of heterogeneous organic films and coatings, especially polymeric ones in the context of molecular electronic. Current research in Tomasz Olszewski lab focuses on the synthesis, both in racemic form and in optically active form, of new organophosphorus compounds having defined biological activity and physicochemical properties. Krzysztof Strasburger is working on formalism and applications of explicitly correlated Gaussian wave functions with applications to positronic systems. Elżbieta Wojaczyńska’s organic chemistry group is focusing on stereoselective synthesis of heterocyclic systems and their use in catalysis and as compounds showing the desired biological activity, for instance antiproliferative or antiviral. Robert Zaleśny research interests lie in prediction and interpretation of linear and nonlinear spectra from first principles and along with his team he is developing new computational protocols for simulation of such spectra.

History & Heritage

At Archive page we gathered materials regarding origins, historical events, research groups and topics related to former Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry that was dissolved in 2014, which our extended research group was a part of. This material is maintained by our former colleague Professor emeritus Ludwik Komorowski. For obvious reasons most of these materials is presented in Polish.